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Unlocking Nature's Classroom

The 5th graders at Lincoln Elementary are having amazing adventures outside the classroom! Thanks to funding from Outdoor Schools Washington, 49 students are exploring nature, boosting science knowledge, and learning about the environment. Outdoor Schools Washington provides overnight educational experiences, giving kids the chance to hike, snowshoe, zip-line, and more at places like Camp Dudley and Lazy F Camp. But it's not just about fun—it's about growing academically, personally, socially, and environmentally. Students are becoming stewards of the planet while learning and exploring.

Lincoln Elementary’s Camp Dudley trip happened in February, and they're heading to Lazy F this summer for more adventures in the Manastash Canyon. Principal Catherina Mattern says it's an amazing opportunity for students to connect with nature and each other, building social skills in a new environment.

If you want to learn more, check out the Outdoor Schools Washington website and talk to your student’s teacher during Fall or Spring parent-teacher conferences. Every 5th-grade student at Lincoln Elementary is invited, and similar programs are available at Kirkwood Elementary and Toppenish Middle School. Let's get as many kids as possible into nature’s classroom!