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Investing in School Nutrition

Congratulations to the TSD Food Services Department for securing grant funding for new equipment and kitchen facility updates. Nora Flores, Food Services Director, leads the initiative and understands the importance of investing in our nutrition programs.  “We believe all students should have the opportunity to have a healthy, nutritious, and appealing meal every day so that they can succeed in education and life.”  

The $76,308 grant will help TSD implement tangible upgrades including two new hot wells, a tilting skillet braising pan for the Toppenish Middle School kitchen, and modernized ovens at Lincoln Elementary.

These enhancements aren't just about shiny new equipment; they're about better serving our students and staff. By adhering to safety and meal pattern guidelines, streamlining meal preparation, and improving food quality, we're setting our students up for success both in and out of the classroom.

But it's not just about the hardware. It's about fostering healthy eating habits early on. Our meals meet USDA and OSPI health guidelines and offer a variety of nutritious options to support our students' growth and development.

We're not wasting any time. With bids underway and equipment procurement in progress, we aim to have everything installed by June 25, 2025. Because investing in our nutrition program isn't just about feeding our students—it's about nourishing their futures.