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Driving Toward a Greener Future

In the words of Ruben Juarez, Transportation Director for Toppenish School District, "This was not really planned." But sometimes, the best opportunities arise unexpectedly. During a recent Student Transportation News conference in Reno, a chance encounter with corporate sales manager Tom Hartman of local bus dealership group RWC led to a game-changing opportunity and a 1.2-million-dollar grant for electric buses.

Funded entirely through a federal grant, Toppenish School District is now driving towards a greener future with electric buses joining its fleet. TSD currently has two electric buses already in operation and a third on the way. And, because we’ve qualified for multiple rounds of grant awards, we’re also on track to acquire a total of nine electric buses, including one for special education.

Early impressions of the new buses are promising. The quiet hum of electric engines and the luxury of onboard air conditioning hint at a more comfortable and sustainable future for student transportation.

With every electric bus that joins our fleet, TSD is driving toward a future where sustainability and student safety go hand in hand.