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Highly Capable Program Applications Due March 31

Each spring, from February 1 through March 31, teachers begin referring students who need a more rigorous curriculum to the TSD Highly Capable program. Washington State adopted the Highly Capable Program to ensure gifted students are challenged by their coursework. Teachers often refer students they feel could benefit from more advanced classes, but parents can also ask that their students be tested for the program. Once referred, students undergo a variety of assessments to identify if they are a good fit by evaluating all types of talents. More than just test-taking, Highly Capable looks for kids who are smart in different ways.

Once students are part of the program, they attend special classes that allow them to focus on critical thinking, being creative, and working on projects. Students do projects that let them dive deeper into topics of interest. The program also makes sure each student receives the help they need. Staff work with students to create plans that fit their needs as well as their interests. Success isn’t only about doing well in school but also making sure they feel good emotionally and socially.

Students are first screened in second grade and, beginning this year, again in fifth grade. Parents must give their permission before a student is placed in the Highly Capable program since it requires more commitment on the part of the student and the parent.

If you think your student would benefit from the Highly Capable program, download a referral form from our website or contact Sarah Baisinger, Highly Capable Coordinator, at or 509-865-8021 to learn more.