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February is Black History Month

Hey parents! This Black History Month, have you thought about introducing your elementary school kiddos to books that celebrate the incredible stories of African American trailblazers?


Reading about Black history isn't just about the past, it's about inspiring the future. These books are windows into worlds of bravery, resilience, and triumph that can captivate your child's imagination.


Learning about Black inventors, artists, and leaders who've shaped history isn’t just about celebrating achievements – it's about showing your kids that they, too, can dream big and make a difference. By diving into these stories, your child gets a chance to view our collective history and understand the amazing contributions people make, no matter their background. It's a powerful way to foster understanding and empathy.


These books can also open the door to important conversations about equality, justice, and civil rights. Imagine the impact of discussing these topics in a way that makes sense to your curious little minds! Plus, it's a chance for you to bond over meaningful stories and share valuable lessons about acceptance and kindness. You'll be setting the stage for your child to grow up with a broader perspective on the world.


Dive into captivating Black history books with your kiddos and watch as they embark on a journey of learning, empathy, and discovery. Ask your librarian about what books on Black history are available at your school or read about more options at