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Toppenish School District to Benefit from ESD Grant

We’re elated to share that TSD is one of five local districts to receive grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Full-Service Community Schools Program grant just awarded to Educational Service District 105 (ESD105). The grant will distribute an extraordinary 12.3 million dollars to five Lower Valley districts including Granger, Mt. Adams, Mabton, Toppenish, and the Yakama nation.


According to ESD105, the grant will help fund a full-time school community school coordinator, a school-wide leadership team, and a community-wide leadership team at Garfield Elementary and Toppenish Middle School. ESD105 notes collaborations will bolster interventions like after-school programs and tutoring, as well as strengthen ties between schools and the community.


Introductory meetings with the U.S. Department of Education will happen soon and full implementation plans are expected to be set for spring 2024. Read more about the grant award at and stay tuned for more on this phenomenal monetary award, and its positive impacts for TSD students!