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Commitment, Attitude, Teamwork, and Success

CATS High School, formerly known as CATS Academy, is a testament to the power of the student voice and commitment to education. Recently renamed through the collaborative efforts of students and former Principal Brenda Mallonee, CATS High School fosters an environment where students are not just recipients of knowledge but active participants in their educational journey.


Setting CATS High School apart is its dedication to the core values its students chose for its acronym: Commitment, Attitude, Teamwork, and Success. The school's principles revolve around nurturing each of these qualities in its students, equipping them for academic excellence, and fostering personal and future professional growth.


This student-centric approach is a point of pride at CATS. The high school seeks not just to create graduates, but to prepare students to be well-rounded individuals.


A pivotal figure in CATS is Graduation Specialist Steve Romero. Principal Lindsay Rodriguez shares that Mr. Romero “has done an amazing job of making connections with our students and meeting with them weekly to ensure academic success.” She notes he has met with nearly all CATS’ incoming freshmen and their families to discuss each student's goals and pathways for success.


CATS staff are also paving the way for student success by ensuring their basic needs are met. Daniel Sanchez, a former Principal at CATS and current Athletic Director at THS, started the CAT Care Den, which gives students discreet access to clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, and food. The CAT Care Den is stocked by generous staff and community members. Without the worry of securing these essential items, students are better able to focus on their educational goals and live up to their true potential.


CATS High School's trajectory is one of continuous evolution, mirroring the growth and aspirations of its students. With new staff members and unwavering dedication to opportunities for all students, CATS is well-positioned to transform education for its students and bring a positive impact to the Toppenish community.