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The Power of Parents

The research is clear. Parents, you are a crucial component of your students’ educational success. Studies consistently reveal that students whose parents actively engage in their education tend to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. By participating in your child’s educational journey, you can establish a positive impact that resonates far beyond the classroom walls.


Parent engagement doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Parents can start to get involved by reading with their children or helping with homework. Or, as you get more involved, you might attend school events or even volunteer in a classroom. Your connection with your child, your presence at school, and your communication with your child’s teachers and administrators help reinforce academic learning and nurture life skills like time management, problem-solving, and interpersonal relationships. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “the better the partnership between school and home, the better the school and the higher the student achievement across the board.”


As a parent, you possess the potential to empower your child's educational growth and we’d love to invite you to join your student's Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). PTOs offer a space to collaborate with educators, share insights, and contribute to school initiatives. By actively participating, you not only strengthen the educational community but also set a shining example of commitment and dedication for your child. Contact your school’s Parent Teacher Organization to get involved today!