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Pre-K Classes for all Students—Including those with Disabilities

At Toppenish School District, we believe having a disability shouldn’t limit a child’s opportunities to receive early education services. That is why all our schools offer special education classes for pre-kindergarten students.


Decades of studies show early childhood education has a direct impact on the future success of children. Children who attend pre-kindergarten classes are more likely to graduate high school on time, take the SATs, and enroll in college. Additionally, students who attended preschool had fewer school suspensions in high school and were less likely to experience juvenile incarceration.


The need for early education intervention is even more important for children with disabilities. According to the National Early Education Childhood Technical Assistance Center:


  The brain is strengthened by positive early experiences, especially stable relationships with caring and responsive adults, safe and supportive environments, and appropriate nutrition.

  Early social/emotional development and physical health provide the foundation for cognitive and language skills development.

  High-quality early intervention services can change a child’s developmental trajectory and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.

  Intervention is likely more effective and less costly when provided earlier in life rather than later.


Because Toppenish School District is an inclusive district, most preschool students with disabilities are taught in the traditional classroom beside their peers.


If you or someone you know has a three-to-five-year-old student with disabilities and has questions about pre-kindergarten special education opportunities, contact your child’s school or the Special Services Office at 509-865-8284.