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Getting Together

Our staff and educators are always looking for positive, healthy ways to engage our students and promote positive development. Our Intramural Program is one of those ways!


The levy-funded Intramural Program offers students from 2nd to 5th grade the opportunity to participate in physical activities, including various sports and games. This program is a safe, structured environment for students to socialize, develop skills, and learn healthy habits. It benefits our younger students and those in high school as well!


With over 240 kids participating in each session, this popular program has allowed us to employ student mentors from Toppenish High School to assist site directors. Having the helping hands of student mentors alongside the program’s staff site directors allows for small group activities, ensuring everyone gets to participate and gets the most out of every activity while fully supervised.


Student mentors are chosen based on recommendation and invitation, whereas students in grades 2 through 5 who want to join the Intramural Program just need to pick up an application in their school’s office!