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THS’s Anatomy Lab is Cutting Edge

At Toppenish High School, we want our students to have access to engaging programs where they gain knowledge and skills they can use throughout their lives--whether in real-life job prospects or as inspiration for a future career path, the Anatomy Lab in our Sports Medicine Program is a proven asset for both its real-world applications and the ability to push our students to think beyond our walls.

Available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, this popular program consistently maintains a full enrollment of 30-31 students each semester. While the program and the lab can house all 31 students, instructor Garet Simpson prefers to break the classes into groups of 15, or even three groups of 10, to ensure each student gets as much out of the program as possible.

The anatomy lab allows students to regularly experience hands-on patient interaction in a clinical setting. From patient communication to evaluating and treating injuries, learning the appropriate tools and materials, and exploring through our digital cadaver table, students are immersed in an environment that teaches hard and soft skills to help them succeed in their future academic and professional journeys.

This program attracts everyone from student-athletes to those set on a path toward a future career in health care. Recently we’ve even had an anatomy lab student graduate from WSU with her master’s in athletic training. Having been inspired by Mr. Simpson’s class, which she found only in her senior year of high school. Now, five years later, she is working as a collegiate athletic trainer at Fresno State University!

We’re proud of our students’ successes and dedicated to inspiring our students to pursue paths they’re passionate about and that allow them to make a positive difference in our communities.

To learn more about the anatomy lab and our sports medicine program, contact Garet Simpson at