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TSD Provides Students With Targeted Educational Support

Coming out of the pandemic, we’ve noticed teachers, paraeducators, parents, and students are still struggling to get back into balanced routines. From pre-k to seniors, students of all ages continue to feel the impact of the pandemic and may find it difficult to resume their pre-COVID study habits. This is where TSD’s Intervention Specialists are playing a critical role in our schools.

What are they, and what do they do? Intervention Specialists are certificated staff who provide additional support to our students, teachers, and paraeducators. Each elementary building has two Intervention Specialists who give additional help in math and English Language Arts. With the help of Intervention Specialists, students needing extra support are placed in “intervention” groups where educators can spend more time working with them one-on-one and ensure they receive the assistance necessary for a successful academic career. 

Even before the pandemic, we recognized all students learn at their own pace, so each are in either intervention or enrichment groups with teachers, paraprofessionals, or Intervention Specialists based on their needs. It can be difficult for teachers alone to identify and teach to various levels in the traditional classroom setting. So, we use a multi-tiered system of support to help all students. Tier I offers general education to all students in the classroom, Tier II provides small-group interventions where students meet in small groups a few times each week for more focused learning, and Tier III is where our intervention specialists provide intensive, small group, or one-on-one, lessons targeted to students to help with the skills they need the most. Instruction and materials are focused on student needs and change based on individual progress. Our Intervention Specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to make the best decisions for students based on their specific needs. 

Intervention Specialists work with teams of educators at each grade level to identify students who need Tier III support and who would benefit from specialized, small-group instruction. At the same time, parents concerned that their student needs more targeted academic intervention can talk with their student’s teacher or contact their school principal for more information about our Intervention Specialist program. 

Through the help of our Intervention Specialists, teachers, and parents we hope to ensure success for all students and help them reach their highest potential.