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Double Your Opportunities

Did you know THS students can earn college credits at the University of Washington, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, or Yakima Valley College without having to take extra classes? Several THS College in the High School classes allow students to meet
graduation requirements AND earn credits toward college—at low or no cost to families. Some THS students have earned as many as 43 college credits before ever stepping foot on a college campus!

According to their respective websites, the cost of 10 credits at Yakima Valley College for entry and lower-level classes is about $1,326 and at the University of Washington, that cost rises to about $3,785. Fees, housing, food plans, and other college costs can make college unattainable
for some students. Providing students with a way to complete their first year or two years of college during high school can save families thousands of dollars.

Contact your counselor to learn more and see if or your student is eligible to enroll in THS college in the High School classes.