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Welcome Back!


Welcome to Kirkwood Elementary! We are proud Wildcats and are thrilled you are learning more about our great school! Kirkwood is a Title 1 school of 600 students, 33 certified teachers and 27 classified employees. We follow the SAM expectations and provide a school culture that honors our diverse student, family and staff! We are a PBIS school and have many positive academic and behavior support systems in place for all students. We are also a Renaissance school, which reinforces, reconizes and rewards positive engagement in our school community and academic achievement!

Kirkwood offers the following educational programs:

  • K-5 Project Lead the Way STEM Curriculum (4 kits/year for all 700 students!!!)
  • K-5 Benchmark Advanced ELA Curriculum
  • K-5 Eureka Math Curriculum
  • K-5 Second Steps Social Skills Curriclum

SAM Expectations:

    Solve problems

    Always show respect

    Make good decisions

*Sam is our resident Wildcat!