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    Garfield teachers have spent the past four years collaborating as a grade level PLC and as a school to develop and create units of study aligned to the Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.   During the development of these units Garfield first built learning progressions for K-5 Common Core Standards using the research from the book Transformative Assessment in Action: An Inside Look at Applying the Process by Popham to guide our work. We then started developing our units using the research of Understandingby Design, Expanded 2nd Edition Grant Wiggins (Author), Jay McTighe (Author) to deepen our knowledge of the work.   Over the past three years we have been working as a staff to implement and understand the Gradual Release of Responsibility from the research of Fisher and Frey. Garfield staff participated in a book study Better Learning Fisher and Frey. During   this time of development we have learned that the units we have developed are living documents that will never be done and placed on a shelf instead these units will be enhanced and change as we continue our journey of learning what’s best for kids.

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