• A Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy does many things for the Toppenish School District. If approved, the levy will provide additional funding that is matched by the State. 


    Annually, the State of Washington provides funding for "Basic Education" for all Washington school districts. The money funded does not cover all the actual costs which are needed to operate a school district. A levy is used to cover the cost of day to day operations and maintain the appropriate structures within the District budget.


    The M&O Levy will cover some of these funding needs such as 

    • Smaller class sizes
    • Additional instructional supports - More teachers, Paraprofessionals, and staff members 
    • Continued maintenance of our schools
    • Upgraded Technology - 1,000 Chromebooks were purchased and distributed during COVID-19 Distance Learning 
    • Continued professional development for all staff to provide a quality education during these unprecedented times
    • Upgraded security to provide continued safety for all of our students