• "Education Begins With Transportation!"

    Transportation Dept.

    SAFETY is our number goal. This is paramount in our industry and we believe that the Toppenish School District takes this to an even higher level. We go above and beyond to make every effort to keep our kids safe! Our buses are thoroughly inspected twice every year by the Washington State Patrol, and for several years running we have enjoyed a 100% inspection rating. This doesn't happen by accident...it is truly a team effort by everyone in the Transportation Department, from each driver to the mechanics. Each month all of our buses go through a very stringent inspection/service routine in our shop that ensures STUDENT SAFETY!

    In our business, the bus drivers are usually the first contact with the school district in the morning and the last contact in the afternoon. So we try to set a positive tone for the entire day first thing in the morning. We transport nearly 3,000 students to and from school every single day on 18 routes, and statistically this is the SAFEST mode of transportation for students nation wide.