• Food Services

    The Food Services Department strives to work together as a team, respectful and considerate of each other to provide for customers nutritious, healthy and appealing meals. To make sure the environment is friendly and clean. To educate themselves so they learn to meet standards and requirements. To always strive to perform duties better than they have ever been done before and to always compete to be the best in what they do, so they can positively affect students.

    The Food Services Department includes a self-prep kitchen at six different sites; Toppenish High School, Toppenish Middle School, Kirkwood Elementary School, Garfield Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School and Valley View Elementary School and two transport sites at CATS Academy and the Toppenish Preschool. This department serves monthly, approximately 38,100 breakfast meals, 73,200 lunches, and 4,050 snacks for after school programs.

    Are you Interested in School Wellness?

    The Toppenish School District invites parents and members of the community to have input on the school wellness policy and procedures. Having healthy choices at school helps keep children healthy and ready to learn. The school wellness policy helps our school create an action plan for nutrition and physical activity at school. Parents, community members, and others are invited to share their opinions and help make sure the policy is meeting the needs of our students. The Toppenish School District’s Wellness Policy is available down below.

    Parents or community members may email comments about the wellness policy or nutrition and physical activity to our Food Services Director, Nora Flores, nflores@toppenish.wednet.edu

    Toppenish School District is an equal opportunity provider. 


    School Lunch Hero Day Image

    May 6th is School Lunch Hero Day. This day is normally one where we recognize the hardworking individuals whose contributions help nourish children across our state.


  • Central Office
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Kirkwood Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Toppenish High School
  • Toppenish Preschool
  • Valley View Elementary
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