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          John M. Cerna


    Shawn Myers

    Assistant Superintendent


    Superintendent's Message

    Welcome back to all our amazing students, parents, and staff members! I hope this message finds you buzzing with excitement and ready to kick off an incredible new year together.


    It’s time to dust off those backpacks, grab your favorite pens and pencils, and get ready for a fresh start, filled with endless possibilities! As I stroll through our hallways, I can't help but feel a surge of energy and anticipation in the air. Our schools are electric with vibrant colors, laughter, and the promise of new adventures waiting to unfold.


    First, I’d like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to our phenomenal teachers and support staff. They've been working hard over the summer to spruce up our classrooms, create engaging lesson plans, and ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Their dedication is awe-inspiring, and we're incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic team guiding our students on their educational journey.


    To our incredible students, you are the heartbeat of our district! Each one of you brings a unique spark, and we're here to nurture your talents, celebrate your individuality, and empower you to reach for the stars. This year, we have a wide variety of programs, activities, and events lined up to keep you curious, inspired, and looking forward to learning every day.


    To the parents and guardians, thank you for your continued partnership and trust. Your involvement in your child's education is invaluable, and together we can create a strong support system that ensures their success. Your support, encouragement, and active participation are vital in helping our students reach their full potential.


    As the 2023/24 school year begins, we want to keep you informed about exciting news regarding our students and district. In the near future, the District will be launching a new website to make it easier to learn about our programs, opportunities, and events. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to sign up for electronic newsletters on our website and follow our social media pages. We'll be sharing updates, important information, and even some tips and tricks to make this year your best one yet.


    Finally, I want to thank each one of you for your trust and partnership. Your support is the fuel that propels us forward, and we're thrilled to have you by our side on this incredible journey.


    Shawn Myers, Acting Superintendent

    Toppenish School District