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Creating Accessible Content

  • Checklist for Blackboard WCM Content Editors

    While creating website content it is crucial to consider accessibility. There are a few basic steps that should be followed in order to assure your content is accessible:

    1. Add built-in Headings to document and do not skip numbers (e.g. jumping from Heading 1 to Heading 3)
    2. Use built-in List options (e.g. bullets or numbers)
    3. Add Alt Text for all images
    4. Make all links descriptive and don't use full url or "click here"
    5. Defined Table Headers and simplified Tables as much as possible
    6. Helpful Information


    Blackboard Accessibility Help Site

    Blackboard Training Site



    Blackboard Accessibility PowerPoint Handout

    Click Here for Resources Word Document

    Stylish woman wearing dark colored business attire using a laptop

Oh my, it is a table!

This is a table for example only. It contains no actual data.