• School Closures

    Announcements of school delays/closures will be posted on the main district number (509 865-4455) and the following radio and television stations will also be notified as soon as there is a change in the weather.

    FM Radio:

    Positive Life Radio91.1 FM
    KDNA91.9 FM
    KDBL92.9 FM
    KATS94.5 FM
    KZTA96.9 FM
    KQMY99.3 FM
    KHHK99.7 FM
    KARY100.9 FM
    KXDD104.1 FM
    KRSE105.7 FM
    KFFM107.3 FM

    AM Radio:

    KBBO980 AM
    KDYK1020 AM
    KIT1280 AM
    KJOX1390 AM
    KUTI1460 AM
    KYNR1490 AM

    Local TV:

    KNDOChannel 23 / 4
    KIMAChannel 29 / 6
    KAPPChannel 35 / 2