• Toppenish School District | JOM Student Request for Assistance Procedures

    We cannot provide checks or cash “up front”. You can be reimbursed for expenses after submitting original receipts and reimbursement forms. Reimbursement amounts will be set by the JOM Committee each year depending on budget allocations and student enrollment. Request forms need to be turned in by the Monday prior to the JOM general meeting to be considered for that month.

    1. JOM forms need to be requested from Federal Program Office, THS Counseling Staff, or at a JOM meeting.
    2. Completed request form, with original receipt(s), needs to be returned to Federal Program Office. At that time the Federal Program Office will have the parent sign a travel form.
    3. JOM Committee will approve or deny the request.
    4. Federal Program Office will contact the parent and let them know if their request was approved or denied.
    5. If approved, the travel form will be given to the Business Office for payment.

    Please follow these procedures to ensure the Student Request for Assistance form is processed properly. The complete process can take upwards of 60 days.

    Toppenish School District | JOM Parent Committee Student Request for Assistance

    The following list is a sample of the activities approved for JOM reimbursement, up to the allowable amount:

    • School Supplies
    • ASB fees
    • Athletic fees (camp, shoes, uniforms)
    • PE Uniform
    • Drivers Education
    • Band Fees / Camp
    • School Trips
    • Lab fees
    • Seniors can request help with cap and gown, college applications, or testing fees

    All reimbursements need to be associated with school events. We are not able to honor requests for community events (AAU, Grid Kids, Parks and Recreation, etc.) or for personal items (class rings, yearbooks, etc.). Students that use funds for conference travel, school trips or camps are required to submit a report to the JOM committee the month after the event occurs.

    Below is the JOM Request form: