About Toppenish School District

  • Established in 1944, Toppenish School District serves over 4,000 K-12 students in the diverse Central Washington communities of Toppenish and the Yakama Indian Reservation. Our variety of educational settings offered across our entire district provides students with not only the traditional brick and mortar school building setting, but also online and off-site alternatives to meet the individual needs of our students and families.


    District Mission

    "We do what's best for kids."

    District Vision

    We will produce superior graduates who are college and career ready, prepared to excel at the college level, who make wise choices, think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems. We do this by creating safe, innovative and stimulating learning environments and by developing interactive partnerships among parents, students, colleagues and the community.

    District Belief Statements

    • Children are our most valuable resource.
    • Parents are the first teachers and vital to their children's success.
    • All people have the potential to learn.
    • Personal accomplishment is earned through perseverance. 
    • Honesty and integrity develop respect.
    • Stewardship of our natural and human resources is vital.
    • The community relies upon the caring, compassion, and cooperation of its people.
    • Choices direct and affect our lives.
    • The uniqueness, talents, and diversity of people enrich our community.
    • Family relationships provide love, security, support, and acceptance develop productive individuals.
    • Public education is vital to the foundation of American democracy.
    • We will continue to develop and implement a plan to help students make a smooth transition from school to life choices by coordinating curriculum, assessment, essential learnings, policies and procedures with our strategic objectives.

    District Strategies

    • We will continue to maintain and revise a plan with parents and community to ensure the safety of all people at our schools.
    • We will continue to maintain a comprehensive and coordinated staff development plan to achieve our strategic plan and essential learning objectives.
    • We will continue to maintain an effective program involving parents and community in partnership with our schools.
    • We will implement character education, which promotes personal and social responsibility, self-esteem, service leaning, and service to others.
    • We will develop a plan that reviews our overcrowded conditions and make a proposal to provide potential solutions for sufficient facilities that address the academic and technology needs of our students now and in the future.